Chain Tardun - bronze

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    Řetízek Tardun - bronz

    material: bronze
    width: approx. 0,2 cm
    length: approx. 56 cm / 61 cm
    weight: approx. 7,8 g / 8,5 g

    Suitable for pendants with a loop for threading the chain at least 0,4 cm.

    Bronze is generally an alloy of copper and tin, with a minimum copper content of 60%. Jewelry made in this way is more of a golden color. Products with an even larger proportion of copper and a smaller proportion of zinc give the jewelry the typical reddish - bronze color. Over time, bronze can darken and be coated with a so-called patina, which is a greenish surface created by the action of an acidic environment (sweat) and oxidation. Such jewelry can be easily brought to its original beauty with a bronze polish. Bronze jewelry can (but does not have to) stain the skin due to sweat (especially rings and bracelets that tightly surround it). This so-called copper patina is easily washable with soap and is not harmful to health.
    Bronze has been known since prehistoric times. The discovery of bronze meant great technological progress in the production of tools, weapons and, to a large extent, jewelry.


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